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The mouth of the LaHave River is in Bridgewater, and from there the estuary forms a 20+ long inlet out to the open sea. It is a classically picturesque part of Nova Scotia, and the banks host many cottages. The ferry is located near to the sea end of the estuary, a very useful place if you want to drive around the coast and avoid the long detour to Bridgewater and back.
I wish I had more to say about the LaHave ferry from personal experience. We had enjoyed driving the NS 332 as it hugged the coast most of the way from Lunenburg, where we’d spent the previous night, and we’d planned to spend the rest of the day checking out the LaHave Islands. We drove into the minimal waiting area on the East LaHave side, pleased there were no other cars waiting, but only to find the scribbled sign that the ferry was out of service for the next three days. And even worse, the ferry was docked at the other side, all but out of range for the camera equipment I had with me. There was nothing to do but keep driving along the banks of the LaHave River to Bridgewater where we made different plans for the day.
Please excuse the limited photos I was able to take, and the fact I’ve broken my normal rule by including someone else's excellent photo of the ferry. In fact there are quite a few good photos of the ferry on the web (links below) by people who have enjoyed crossing on it, or just watching it. Of course we were peeved that the ferry was unavailable and our plans for the day were messed up. But things break down, crew get sick, not everything in life runs perfectly. We went on to enjoy the day in ways we hadn't planned.

Ferry info
Operating year-round
Departs LaHave on the hour and ½ hour. Departs East LaHave on the ¼ hour and ¾ hour. From 11:00 to 5:30 on call
Crossing time about 5 minutes, 800 across
The boat
Nova Scotia Department of Public Works
When I tried to use the ferry
September 2021